how addiction 2-spyy earned me 55 bucks

okay so last week i finally got my addiction, then the next day i got it, my friend brought it off me for 200 because he didnt want to wait, i had kk ceramic in there. so i was like wow! and no i didnt scammed him, i told him how much it worth too, so ya got the 55 bucks and brought a new skateboard deck, and also ordered the same exact yo yo lmfao xD <3 addiction

Woh…So hard to read. No offense but check spelling and grammar next time. ;D

Lol, i just got a new skateboard today too! a DGK, but i fell off and now in bad pain, so im not yoyoing or skateing for awhile :frowning:

Dude you rule. Bring on the money!!!

lol thank you

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I wonder if having a friend like that is a good thing or a bad thing…

He must be rich.

ya he is lmfao, big spender too -.- feels kinda bad for him because he need to learn how to save his money… because he have like big deal, juggernaut, now addiction, hspin beysick and bunch of other that i cant even count X_X