Houston TX!

Anyone around from the Houston TX area? If so chime in!

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haha, figured more would be around this area since its a good sized state o.O

unfortunately Texas is a Big state; but its just that HOUSTON is more of a Business City than a outdoor lets have fun city. We’ve only really got 1 toy store here and its Toys ‘R’ Us

I’m in houston as well, and I know there are at least a couple more.

I’m in Houston. Currently at University of Houston. There’s a pretty nice outdoor area with a stage we could use on less-humid days near the dorm buildings (that’s considering we make sure nobody is using it at the designated time).

Hey Hey! I just came home from visitiing my aunt at U of H! XD I usually hang out by the satellite just outside the courtyard area (away from the massive crowds coming in and out for lunch).

I’m not from Houston, I’m actually from Florida, but my girlfriend is from there and I’m over there on some holidays. I hope there is something going on over Xmas break and I can make it! I’ll check this thread again around that time

Let me know the next time you’re coming around! We’ll meet up and throw a hat on the ground and make some pocket change! :wink:

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Haha sounds great but I’m not that good to make much of a performance. I have enough tricks to maybe last 45 seconds.

No shame, bro. It’s not a performance, as much as it’s having fun and getting exposure for the sport.

Im not exactly inn houston either but about a 30 minute drive away lol

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Im an hour south of houston!

I live in spring right next to Houston

I’m in Baytown!! I’d love to have a meet downtown!!!

I live in SPRING! :smiley:

Stafford here.

I go to college at UH, but I live in Spring. What part, might I ask?

It was good to run into you at UH haha.

what up baytown here.

hit me up.

lets meet.