Houska for Houska's sake


Anyone have any ideas on this throw? I’ve seen one on the BST, but am intrigued as to how it plays, given the pricing. It seems like a steal to own a TP new for under $90, but is it worthwhile? Thanks in advance.


I’m confused on how on yye it’s says that it’s ano wears more than most yoyos but I’ve never had a throws ano wear off


The ano on my stargazer is staring to wear off slightly.


I assume its a 7075 metal property probably has to do with 7075 not absorbing ano well


That’s what I assume.


I’ve always wondered how degenerate different batches of aluminum are. 7075 is doped with zinc, so I could definitely imagine that a slightly different makeup of the aluminum could cause a significant change in how well the ano takes. Seems like a pretty good deal anyway though, for a first Turning Point throw.