I have difficulty with horizontal. I learned (horizontal) skin the gerbil about 2 years ago, and am currently working on horizontal circular Eli hops. I just can’t seem to “break through” with the general idea of horizontal, and I’m wondering what those of us on this forum have used to learn these types of tricks (yoyos, ideas, tips, etc.)

I am also considering getting a very wide yoyo like the 1to1 to make the initial learning part less of a hurdle. I can do horizontal skin the gerbil on a Heist frequently, so I don’t really worry about my accuracy being impacted.


The main idea is instead of the yo-yo moving up and down, it’s moving forward and backwards. For Wide yoyos I would recommend the shutter wide angle or the atlas.

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horizontal is difficult, and it takes time so I would use your widest yoyo and dont start totally horizontal so you can get the motion down then make it complete horizontal