Horizontal Tricks??

So I figured that it is way past time that I started learning horizontal, but I am having some trouble. Any tips/suggestions??

Practice with a high walled yoyo. When you switch to a low walled yoyo, it’ll be really easy.

What kind of idea is that? With a high-walled yoyo you can’t practice horizontal. It might be easy for someone experienced, but when you’re just starting you’re not going to get anywhere. Use a low-walled yoyo.


Well, I’m using a yoyo factory shutter. That’s pretty low walled…

Try a simple 1.5 mount combo instead of a NTH trapeze. Some people may find it easier to control the tilt with the TH than the NTH in the beginning.

Watch “Jensen Kimmitt - Basics of Sideways YoYoing” it’s a fantastic video, that’s where I’m learning from

what does high walked an low walled mean

Draupnir=low walled
888x=high walled

My old tutorial, hope it helps.

Contrary to popular beliefs, there is nothing wrong learning horizontal with a high walled yoyo… I did learned on a dark magic bootleg few years ago, and I’m glad I did because now I understand how plane control works (hence the above tutorial).
Sorry for the nerdy looks lol

There’s nothing wrong with practicing yoyoing with a super worn out string,or going into a 1a contest with a Duncan butterfly, you’ll just have a hard time doing it.
But I will have to say, learning horizontals on a dark magic(1 or 2) isn’t a very smart idea.
Better to get something like a shutter instead, which is capable of horizontals way easier than any high wall yoyo

Practicing yoyoing with worn out string have no real benefit.
My point is, with high walled yoyos you’re forced to focus on the “plane”, going off that will just kill the spin. Yoyos with low walls have a lot more tolerance to plane changing. While it’s easier to use, one may build up habits of doing things wrong… I mean since the yoyo tolerate your fault, you may end up keep doing something that will actually kill the spin if it’s a high walled yoyo, or simply practicing the wrong way. It may not be a problem today, but may hold you back in the future.
One analogy I can think of is with 2a, it’s advised to stop doing loops when you’re out of control then start from the beginning, instead of continuing the bad loops. That will prevent you from “practicing” the bad loops. I learned this the hard way, I kept doing it wrong the first year and have to unlearn and re-learn the proper loops (unlearning is in fact really difficult).

However in the end I could be wrong, learning the hard way (with high walled yoyo) worked for me, that may not be the case for everybody… High wall helps you learn control, low wall helps you focus on the actual trick.

Look at it this way. If you only have an imperial, you’ll learn the basics really well, but you won’t learn any harder tricks. Same way with horizontals, except you can only learn a trapeze or so with a high walled yoyo. Thus you really will need to switch to a low walled yoyo quickly.

That’s not a popular belief, the belief is that it is not a good idea to learn with a high walled yoyo. Look at me, I learned with a dark magic I, and it took me forever to get to my skill at horizontal (sorry if this sounds like bragging lol). I do agree however that a high walled yoyo will make a low walled yoyo seem like the greatest horizontal yoyo in the world.

I think ll make a video replicating the exact situation when i learned my first horizontal trick.

Don’t go all out horizontal at first, start with just a little tilt then work your way up

I find this helps

Thanks! That helps a lot.