horizon yoyo contest may 2012

hi guys so here is the info

may 13 2012

its at the train station in loomis california ( for accual adress check the website at the bottothere will be no proffesional people competing as of now but we want good players to join us

so if your in the sacromento area on may 13 ( a sunday ) then come on out it will be a lot of fun and you will be able to try our companies new prototypes!

website … horizonyoyocontest.webs.com

I will go.

You need sound for it? I mean PROFESSIONAL Sound, like what I did at CalStates? I can use a smaller mixer if you want, if you’re scared of the beautiful 76 channel analog console! I can also bring a scaled down PA. We just take different stuff out of the truck.

I don’t have anything that I can tell right now that day or the day before, so it’s entirely possible I can not only attend, but provide sound.

PM, text or call me. I’m just in Elk Grove, around 40 minutes away.

Sunday is MY meeting day!! We’ll just have to trade off. It’s a lot easier though if I don’t have to bring a big truck full of sound gear!

You also realize this is Mother’s Day, right?

This should have been updated:

May 6, 2012. Be there. Same location, just different date. I’m running sound for it. theroybit will be there too.

Today !!!

Were you there? Did you bring your Pro Zs? I saw a few Pro Z’s!! I know you’re out there! Are you driving up from Roseville and Loomis to buy up all the ProZ’s in Elk Grove?

Anyhow, the contest was a lot of fun. This was a nice friendly “peer judged” contest. No pressure, just pure enjoyment. The wind was playing havoc on slacks, whips, lacerations and suicides though. The weather was otherwise absolutely perfect.

I provided sound services and had an amazing time as always as such events. I look forward to future ones!

Sorry, I don’t have a list of winners. There were many amazing performances.