MAR 2012?

I wanted to compete in MAR this year, but I don’t know when it is. They have not updated their website since last year, and they have not posted on Facebook or Twitter recently. I’m not even sure if they are going to have it this year.

This is funny cus I was also looking for more info … They will probably have it next month or October. And they will update the site soon. Can’t wait … I will be there!!! And so will a bunch of my friends from our Yoyo club!!!

No we won’t. MAR has been canceled. Maybe before end of year but but from what i heard and read, looks as though it’s not going to happen. >:(

I hate this. No Maryland states anymore and now no regionals. We have players and wants. Is not a matter of people attending. But the rest of the country gets something!

Anyway. Here’s MAR’s Facebook.

Hopefully if they get enough complaining they will put something together by the end of the year.
Lets hope.

I’m so sad. :’(

It’s off for now that much I know as fact. Possible date later.

What and where is MAR

Mid Atlantic Regionals. And for now, never.