yo-yo contests around Delaware or Maryland


Are there any yo-yo contests around Delaware or Maryland?


well, there was the maryland state yoyo contest in perryville, but that already past. i havent found any others…


ECC, if that happens
MAR this summer
VA states
MD states
NY states

(Raphael) #4

When is MAR
it was in west chester last year right?
i would love to go!


It will be on July 11th. Look here for more info: http://www.yojake.com/mer.html

Hope this helped!

(Raphael) #6

Is Mar differant from Mer they should be right?


As far as I know, there is no contest called “MAR.” I think it was a typo :wink:

(Raphael) #8

MAR is Mid Atlantic Regionals
here is last years website


Actually, I meant to put MER, but MAR is also a good one.

(Jesse) #10

I was about to post a topic like this one, but then I looked at this. When is the next contest in or around Delaware? And by the way it says that MER is in Michigan this year.

(Jesse) #11

P.S. it doesn’t look like MAR happened last year, although it is very close to me. Does anybody know anything about MAR this year?

(Raphael) #12

There was a MAR last year. 
and if you didnt know…
some people reffer to Mar as Ecc (East coast classic) ( i think they’re the same)

everybody said back in january it was set for feb, then it was set for march, i think they postponed it again, on the Maryland state yoyo contest it stated " That the winner of the Maryland state yoyo contest would be seeded to the finals Of Mid atlantic Regional, held later this year in Wilmington Delaware.
I think it is supposed to be held in the church that’s near mitchells, Idk when or which church ( :D)
but i tried to scoop up all i knew about this.  8)

(Jesse) #13

Sweet, if that happens I know which church it is. Mitchells isn’t open anymore, now it’s Yoyojoes. It’s the same street. I’m definitely going once I find out when and exactly where it is.

(Raphael) #14

cool beans ;D
I know mitchells closed, i never got to go there :’(
iv’e been to yyjoes b4 though :slight_smile:

(Jesse) #15

Same, I went to Mitchells once. I go to YoyoJoes now. Can somebody comment if they find know anything about MAR/ECC happening this year?


MAR is hosted by Joe Mitchell and will be in the summer. It will be at Aldersgate church.

(Raphael) #17

Great! :slight_smile:
he’s a really nice guy!

(Jesse) #18

SWEET! Can’t wait to know when! That’s less than 15 minutes away from my house! By the way…


I just had an amazing week in Puerto Rico and now I’m back and I can make videos and post comments again!

(Jesse) #19

Ok guys, I know nobody has posted in a while, but I got some information from Joe Mitchell today about MAR. It is going to happen in September probably, and he has to make sure he can do it at Aldersgate Church.