yo-yo contests around Delaware or Maryland

Are there any yo-yo contests around Delaware or Maryland?

well, there was the maryland state yoyo contest in perryville, but that already past. i havent found any others…

ECC, if that happens
MAR this summer
VA states
MD states
NY states

When is MAR
it was in west chester last year right?
i would love to go!

It will be on July 11th. Look here for more info: http://www.yojake.com/mer.html

Hope this helped!

Is Mar differant from Mer they should be right?

As far as I know, there is no contest called “MAR.” I think it was a typo :wink:

MAR is Mid Atlantic Regionals
here is last years website

Actually, I meant to put MER, but MAR is also a good one.

I was about to post a topic like this one, but then I looked at this. When is the next contest in or around Delaware? And by the way it says that MER is in Michigan this year.

P.S. it doesn’t look like MAR happened last year, although it is very close to me. Does anybody know anything about MAR this year?

There was a MAR last year. 
and if you didnt know…
some people reffer to Mar as Ecc (East coast classic) ( i think they’re the same)

everybody said back in january it was set for feb, then it was set for march, i think they postponed it again, on the Maryland state yoyo contest it stated " That the winner of the Maryland state yoyo contest would be seeded to the finals Of Mid atlantic Regional, held later this year in Wilmington Delaware.
I think it is supposed to be held in the church that’s near mitchells, Idk when or which church ( :D)
but i tried to scoop up all i knew about this.  8)

Sweet, if that happens I know which church it is. Mitchells isn’t open anymore, now it’s Yoyojoes. It’s the same street. I’m definitely going once I find out when and exactly where it is.

cool beans ;D
I know mitchells closed, i never got to go there :’(
iv’e been to yyjoes b4 though :slight_smile:

Same, I went to Mitchells once. I go to YoyoJoes now. Can somebody comment if they find know anything about MAR/ECC happening this year?

MAR is hosted by Joe Mitchell and will be in the summer. It will be at Aldersgate church.


Great! :slight_smile:
he’s a really nice guy!

SWEET! Can’t wait to know when! That’s less than 15 minutes away from my house! By the way…


I just had an amazing week in Puerto Rico and now I’m back and I can make videos and post comments again!

Ok guys, I know nobody has posted in a while, but I got some information from Joe Mitchell today about MAR. It is going to happen in September probably, and he has to make sure he can do it at Aldersgate Church.