Can someone please post the website for MAR this year? Thanks.

  1. Nothing is really set for Mar yet… Mr. Mitchell is still working on it and I dont think he has made a website for it yet
  2. Shouldn’t this be in contest info?

what is mar?

mid atlantic regenils if there is one im going

joe is trying to get it organized, im gonna ask him about it on saturday

Bump ;D

Talked to Joe Mitchell today. It WAS going to happen on September 12th, but he wasn’t able to make it happen. He doesn’t think he’ll be able to do it before nationals, but he’s trying. I’ll keep you guys updated on what I know.


Alright, Joe can’t get it done by September 12th, so apparently it’s going to be postponed until February-March (what?). Sorry guys, don’t attack me, attack Joe!

Where does MAR take place?

Usually it takes place at Aldersgate Church, on route 202, Wilmington, DE. But last year it was wherever pennsylvania states was because there was nobody to host it there. This year it will be hosted by Joe Mitchell, owner of Yoyojoes.

Okay, cool. I’ll try to make it.

You guy’s that live close should try to help him out. Its a lot for one person to do.
I’ve ran the last three contests in Oklahoma and if I didn’t have help it wouldn’t have happened. Bug him and make him give you something to do. Trust me anything helps.

that sounds like an excellent idea, ill ask him on saturday

what state is it in