Unofficial MAR Information!!!!

So at yoyoclub today, I was asking Joe Mitchell about the happening of MAR, or Mid-Atlantic Regionals. He said he is trying to have it at Aldersgate Church, Wilmington, DE on Concord Pike. (Route 202) He said it will be before October 3rd (Nationals) and that it is up to the church now if they have an open weekend before that for the contest. Just thought I’d let everybody know!

I feel like some people should see this, so, bump?

Awesome! Waiting for this since March!

Don’t get too hyped up, it might not happen, it’s apparently, as Joe said, “At the mercy of the church”, as they have to give him the times.

I would definitely go.

You live near? Do you go to Yoyojoes and Yoyoclub there?

I live in NYC, which is in NY, which is a Mid Atlantic state.

Well can you still make it to MAR, because it will most likely be at Aldersgate Church, Wilmington, Delaware.