Horizon Ultra


has anybody played one? i really like the original and was debating the ultra. Looks a little better for fingerspins too with that dimple.


I’m very interested in opinions on this as well! I love my horizon and would like to hear more about the ultra.


right? and 7068 worked to full potential on such a good throw could be awesome! I may just ask for it for fathers day and make it happen


I like it a lot more than the original, but I always felt the original Horizon was a little too heavy/solid feeling on the string. The Ultra has a faster lighter feeling in play with a similarly powerful spin and stability. It’s a little better for fingerspins, but it doesn’t make it as easy as some others.

It’s all preference. If you love the original then the Ultra might not be your cup of tea, but you may also like it more. I say try it out!


I think my fingerspin game has gotten strong since i learned it recently on a C3 move…(i can now spin on throws like orca and ones with no real spot to do it) i do like how the original horizon plays, and can fingerspin it a bit. Do you think this is a little easier to spin on? Plus, the 7068 i really like cause its great to carry every day, its virtually indestructible. Full disclosure, i have a bunch of amazon bucks so i may pick one up from there.


The ultra is easier to fingerspin than the original Horizon, but not as easy as the Move. it falls somewhere in the middle.

Not gonna fault you there, we all shop on Amazon. We’re a little more lenient with repairs and replacements if anything goes wrong, but it’s up to you. :wink: