Horizon Ultra!


I haven’t seen this anywhere else so I thought I’d let you guys know about this. I’m curious to see how they will do the fingerspin cup, because I think the Horizon is the only yoyo where you need to let your finger vibrate to get a good fingerspin, and I feel there might be quite a few people who otherwise would have tried this new 7068 yoyo, but might be hesitant to learn how to let their finger vibrate for fingerspins. What do you guys think?


I saw the picture on Instagram and didn’t even read the words! Lol :joy:

I may have to pick one up. I’m a big fan of the horizon so I like the idea! :slight_smile:

Edit: if the price is similar to the space crown ultra, it will definitely be worth it!


I remember when I suggested a new Horizon utilizing different metal, or Bimetal, I was met with a lot of negativity. Many of the arguments against it didn’t make sense to me at all…

I have since thought that one problem would be that the big bowl in the center wouldn’t allow them to take as much advantage of the stronger metals. It will be interesting to see how that is handled. I did see that it will have a more conical cup. Maybe they will use a separate piece like on the Jackknife.

I thought a good name for a new version would be “Event Horizon”.


I think “Event Horizon” is a brilliant name…


You go over to a friends house. His grandma gave him an old record player. He starts playing the album and you actually like the music. A little while later the record starts skipping. You walk over to the player and notice the needle is just skipping in a space between the songs. Your friend says, 'I know the record isn’t done. It always skips right there and I’m just too lazy to lift up the arm and move the needle to the next selection.

… You take the initiative and do exactly what YoYoFactory would do.

You lift the needle arm and move it to the next selection. And you are pleased.

Once you experience the Ultra; you will better understand why people ‘move the needle just to see what else there is’.


After trying the Kuntash and the QV, I think a New Horizon has a lot of potential.


Horizon ULTRA is up!