Horizon Ultra Review (request)


I’ve bought too many yoyos vs selling yoyos lately, and I’ve told myself I’ll not buy another yoyo before the Core Co Alleycat comes out. Otherwise I would have bought the H Ultra already, as I really dig the Horizon, and would love to see if the Ultra actually improves upon it.

I have not heard any feedback here on it, and I’ve watched the YYE store as it’s just kinda sat there. I can’t even find something on YT about it! I would appreciate it if someone would review, or even just give some thoughts about it.

Maybe if I can sell a couple more yoyos before the Alleycat is released, I’ll add it onto my order.


It feels like a faster/lighter version of the Horizon with the same powerful spin and stability. I prefer it since I always thought the Horizon had a little too much heft, the Ultra feels a little more ‘lively’ on the string.


Thanks, I imagine it’s better at fingerspins too?

I’m sure I’ll get one. :wink:


It’s not the easiest to fingerspin, but the addition of the dimple definitely helps and with some practice you’ll hit them consistently.


Probably similar to the Popstar, as far as getting it locked in, I imagine.