Horizon tricks


Is protostar and di base good for horizon tricks?
And I tried to do horizon tricks with dv888 and when I hit the yoyo with the string the yoyo stands vertically. What is wrong?


The DiBase is the one you want to get. Any wing shape yoyo can do horizontal, but the V-shapes work really good for this style of play.

As far as the rest, I can’t say. I’m barely getting by with what I know as it is.


Pick up a Yeah3 for 25-30 dollars more, it is designed specifically for good horizontal.


With horizontal you have to be smooth, quick is better, but not necessary. You have to make sure that you don’t touch the walls of the yoyo, making the yoyo tilt back to normal play.

Try this:

This is a great way to learn horizontal. Just do this, do a trick, and slightly tilt it. Keep working throwing it more horizontal, do not start out full horizontal. The more you learn the closer to fully horizontal it will get.

Good luck!

Oh yeah, the Di base is awesome, the protostar works great for it too.


I never really understood why people always recommend skin the gerbil as a first horizontal trick; it has at least 6 steps to it.

It seems easier to do a trapeze to bind first (or bandana split to start), slowly working towards full horizontal.


How fast do I have to skin the gerbil? And is full horizontal tilt 100% flat?


im working on banana split.


Best tip I can give you is to wrap the string around your throw hand a few times to shorten the length a bit. The Protostar and Di Base both handle horizontal play just fine.



Skin the gerbil should be done slowly to avoid excessive mistakes at first. Horizontal shouldn’t be done at full tilt unless you are a yoyo demigod. I do horizontal about twenty to thirty degrees shy of sideways.


I’d just like to say I’ve found the Catalyst and Roll Model are both good for horizontal.