Hope fully I got you ;)

You are now manually blinking and breathing. Your welcome :slight_smile:

Just for that, I’m going to consciously stop blinking until my eyes shrivel up and hold my breath until I pass out =P


Nice, so i realized once you get past that burning sensation in your eyes, they will start to tear up(mine do anyways) and afterwards, it doesnt sting anymore, but i guess it should never go that far :smiley: found this out during a staring contest xd

It isn’t that that wasn’t not uninteresting…

Do you have enough to do? This kinda makes me wonder. lol

I’ve never been so confused…

Don’t think about zebras.

If you guys get caught up can’t switch back to autonomous breathing within 20 seconds, I’m really sorry for you.

I can add to that…

Your nose is always in your peripheral vision. You are welcome.

not nessecarily blinking is in oils try and voluntary action and same with breathing.

Don’t think about the game.

Don’t think about elephants

i actually can’t. im still focused on zebras. i don’t know what an elephant looks like right now :smiley:

Oh and make sure you don’t lose the game…