Hope and Memory (Now on YOYOFORESIGHT.com + YOYOFACTORY.com!)


YoYoers are Jesse Miller (mongoriller), Jared Verratti (jared), and David Yoncha (DYonch).

Big thank you goes out to JonRob.


Let us know what you think!


looks great guys. Glad to see you got the video made. MAR is going to be a blast


Thanks. I’m looking forward to MAR too!


Breath-Taking scenery, mind-blowing tricks, and great camera angles.

I loved it.

(Mitch) #5

I second that… Huge inspiration for 5A DYonch… Totaly wanna see more…


That means a lot. Especially coming from you.

Glad we could inspire you! And there’ll be more soon!


1:18 = Win!


out of a possible 10, you guys hit an 11. wow


Thanks a lot!


Cool video. :slight_smile: Awesome tricks and it was well put together. :wink:



(Jesse) #12

Wow, this turned out great, I had a ton of fun filming it too!


pimpadelic guys i cant do 5a and that ahmazed me

(Jesse) #14

These comments really mean a lot to us guys, thanks. It’d be great if you guys would keep on commenting to keep the post up so more people see it!


Easily one of the best videos I have seen, and probably a favorite too. Smooth 1A, but some really cool technical 5A. Great job guys.

(Mitch) #16

How about you punks shut up and go make more videos huh? Lol kidding, but really, I need moar!! Great stuff

(Jesse) #17

Haha, thanks. We may be making more videos soon, we’ll see. We have a pretty long list of possible locations, but we don’t want to make videos with all the same tricks.


That was a really inspiring, nice to watch, and good quality video with skilled yoyoers. If I could rate that video, 5 stars without a doubt.


Glad you like it!

(Jesse) #20

coughyou can rate it if you click it and get transferred to youtubecough.

Haha, but seriously guys, all of these comments mean a lot. And back to mitch, we’re thinking we’ll be making a video once a month MAXIMUM.