Hook and Brent Stole

so my question is, how do you increase consistency? I am landing them both more than just on luck. i would say i land 6 out of 10 on the hook and 8 out of 10 on the brent stole. I do notice that if the string is worn or frayed i don’t land either of them nearly as well. Also, am i crazy to think that i land these tricks better and with more consistency with some throws instead of others?

So i ask, does anybody have any tips (other than practice non stop) to help increase consistency?


It is normal to sometimes have different results when you switch yoyos, but I would say that your results may be more because you haven’t quite built up the muscle memory for that trick.

Since you know how to do the trick, I would just continue to practice it with my other stuff, and it will probably click after a few weeks.

i did change to some fresh strings and it seemed to help a bit. I have noticed that when i switch throws it takes me a few to get it back. at least i know im passed the point of landing them on dumb luck!

A good heavy weight string. Cloud, Spool, or alot of Nylons can really help with both. I can barely hit them with bulk poly without throwing so hard my elbow hurts later. But a good string requires minimal effort to fling that slack. Hook is all about placement and proximity, BrentStole is all about timing and pushing that hand over the yoyo as it peaks. The hight of the toss for 'stole is also important to note and make consistant.

but overall, Better string = better experience.

String tension is more important for these than alot of other tricks also.

Yea I noticed the string tension was way off so that helped a lot. I currently play Buddha string almost exclusively, maybe it’s worth switching it up.

I would highly recommend using string theory string made by Big Bang if you are looking to switch up. It comes super long for those who like tech. A little thin so it doesn’t snag but it will also do binds very well once you are used to them. And it whips crazy well! Like dust said, I think with these types of tricks string is very important. I can easily do the tricks with kitty string but you do have to whip it harder to get it to work. That extra force could be throwing your accuracy off a bit. Then again, what do I know. All the sponsored people pretty much use kitty string :stuck_out_tongue:

I could almost guarantee it would be worth while to explore some good weight nylons. It makes a real difference which could be spoiling. Youll LOL when you try your first few slacks and you overthrow them SO far cause your used to the fuzzy, slow, air catching, light, weak slacks of bulk polys haha but these will carry wide and far with the tiniest bit of effort. Also, they slack fast but you can go laughable slow and make it really exagerateed for max effect

When you are given bonuses and handouts for saying “We use THIS!” trust me, its easy to say it.

I put on a fresh string and boom, back to landing again. Can’t believe how much of a difference strings make.