homemade duct tape-cardboard yoyo box

hey guys yesterday i decided to make a small 4 compartment yoyo box. i felt like the ones they sell on yye for like 30$ arent worth it, so i made my own. its entirely made out of duct tape reinforced by cardboard, with magnets that seal it. i did take some pics. i didnt make it to hold my whole collection, just for a few yoyos that i feel like carrying around, r just 1 yoyo, and use the other spaces for parts and strings. i didnt measure and mark the cardboard and make it perfect, so its really misshapen. now that i look at it it looks really badly cut. maybe i shouldnt post the pics? hmm. maybe i shouldnt have measured by eye… whatever, tell me what you think!

heres the pics:

That is pretty sweet dude, i have never thought of that, im gonna try it when i get home, but btw what are those throws?

The black/pink is a yyf genesis, the blue one is a yyf popstar and the black one is a yyf 888x

awesome dude, I just prefer to use a laptop case, they have many compartments and can store quite a few yoyos. They also have straps and handles for easy carrying. ;D

Yeah. I have a yoyo bag that holds up to 24 yoyos. My dad keeps his in a pelican case with plastic dividers. I just made this box for like when I go to school or so thin, to have my favorite throws and some spare parts wen I need em.

That’s sweet man! Not that you care but i made one out of an old tackle box I had! http://tapatalk.com/mu/a6898ce4-0218-3aef.jpg

Niceee thats rly neat and organized. The bag i use for my whole collection is about that size. This one is rly just for like 3 yoyos to carry around in my schoolbag. A tackle box seems like a perfect size box tho. Did u cut the holes in the foam urswlf? Or did it come like that? Its hard to come across a bag that holds 24+ yoyos. Usually companies expect u to have no more than like 3 yoyos. Either that or they want u do buy 8 seperate bags to put them in.

haha yeah i understand what your saying. i like the concept of you having an “on the go” case for a couple of daily throws that way you dont just have to throw them in a bag! I had a few boxes i could have used but this one was the smallest one I had and none of my fishing gear was even in it so I decided to use this one. I cut the foam myself and its pretty choppy. (Luckily the yo yos cover up the imperfections lol) But there is enough sopace in there where I could put another layer of throws I do believe so we will see as my collection grows!

The yoyos in the pic are a netal drifter dragonfly whip butterfly and journey right?Wat r the others? I cant see

thats pretty tight, where do you guys get the foam for that?

My box has no foam. It’s square ducttape compartments fitted to the size of an average yoyo.

The bag I use to hold my whole collection came with Predrilled holes.

how long did it take you 2 make?

thats actually a really good idea

the whole thing, about an hour. duct tape and cardboard makes some really good stuff. today i made a camera stand out of duct tape and cardboard, and tested it out. it is made specificly to hold my kodak play-touch. ill post pics if u want.

sweet do it

Haha the foam came put of some package I opened for my mom on accident… Hope she wasn’t planning on sending it back.

The other two are just a couple freehands, nothing fancy in the box yet so its a pretty lame set up lol one day though, hopefully

Nice. By seeing the yoyos u have, I would recommend a YYF protostar. It’ll blow you away. I got mine when I had about the same level throws as you, and I was totally blown away.

Thanks man I’m looking at a few new throws now I got a lyn fury for dirt cheap from a guy off here just to add to the collection and I’m looking for a protostar, or dm2 or something I can get a little more spin time out of