Home made foam cutter.


I’ve seen a few posts mention using a tomato sauce can for cutting foam. I took it a step further and drilled a hole in the bottom of the can and added a bolt. Now I can mount it in my drill. Now I can finally build a few more cases. If you make one of these, try to use a variable speed drill and go as slow as you can. It makes the cuts much smoother.


Thats dope ;D

What the name of the tomato can company? I can’t find one at my home


Hm, with that pistol case idea and this brilliant idea, I think I need to go pick up some stuff and make a portable home for my throws now.

Thanks a ton, smart and utilizing used materials!


Do you know any retail stores that sell foam able to be made into a yoyo case?


No idea on the manufacturer of can. It is a tomato paste can. Most of them were about the same size when I was looking at them at the grocery.

I buy the foam at Joanne’s fabric. You can get it at hobby lobby as well I believe. I use rit dye to dye it black. Here’s a case I made with white foam dyed black.


How do you dye the foam? I wish we could just buy charcoal foam at a craft store.


It is pretty easy. Just fill a bucket with water. Add the dye and then dunk the foam in it until it is black. Rinse the foam out with clean water and let it dry. I use rubber gloves to keep from dying my hands. Be very careful putting wooden or derlin throws in the foam before it is completely dry. The dye will dye any porous material.


That’s pretty cool, but how did you get the exact center of the can? I would think being off even a hair would make it nearly unusable. I actually thought of doing this, but when I thought about the physics of it I just decided to go buy a hole saw for like $10.


Well I cheated because I have a lathe.

Without a lathe it should be pretty easy. Measure across the can at its widest point and draw a line along the edged of the ruler. Turn the can about 45 degrees and do it again. Do that another 4 or 5 times and all the lines will cross the center of the can. Use a nail to punch a small hole in the center the just use that hole as a guide for drilling the larger hole.

I started yo buy a hole saw, but is was worried about the cuts being ragged.


Actually, a hole saw can be used quite effectively on open cell foam. The secret to a smooth cut is to spin it backwards in the drill at a very low speed.



Wow. Amazing wall display. Fine craftsmanship.

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This is great!
Grilled cheese and tomato canned soup for lunch tomorrow followed by some daddy alone time in the garage.
A violin case yoyo carrier is my new project.