Holy! Wha?!? Angel Hair! Good!


Let me catch my breath…

Just as a lark, I ordered a fiver of “Angel Hair” string with a recent order from an overseas shop.

In my world, it’s either Slick 6 or 100P. Nothing else, really. Now, I know this isn’t the truth, as there are a good number of specialty strings out there claiming to do all sorts of nifty stuff. I wouldn’t know, as I’ve never messed with any of it. Of course, big claims peak big curiosity in me, and I had to know just what these strings are about. I understood that “Angel Hair” was one such string, making such claims.

Angel Hair ain’t lyin’ to ya, bro.

As soon as I was done unpacking and sorting my order, I decided to toss one on my PGM…

By “toss one on” I mean “try to get the stupid string to come out of the holder by itself all while trying to figure out why it’s as stiff as uncooked pasta.”

Not kidding about that uncooked pasta comment. This stuff is like Bendaroos, man. Apparently, it’s supposed to be. (Edit: Wait. Now I get it. Uncooked pasta. Angel Hair. Ha, ha.)

So, I slap it on and instantly notice the difference. This stuff is thin, fast, and rigid. I can’t even describe the accuracy even my novice hands suddenly had whilst throwing this stuff around. It’s like I couldn’t miss a trick or bind return. I don’t know what’s causing this, though. Maybe it’s the stiffness of the string? Whatever it is, the yoyo goes exactly where you tell it to. Without fail.

Had to tweak my binds a bit, though. This stuff takes a larger loop to return, and you have to keep your TH and the loop nice and tight when you toss it in the gap. Also, I’m using it with the PGM’s stock pads. I have no experience at all with these pads yet, so that could be some of it. Of course, once you’ve got it coming back you need to get used to the fact that it comes back fast and with authority.

It actually creeped me out the first few times I did this. I’d sleep, bind, catch the bullet now coming back into my hands, and then wonder what that odd whistling noise I kept hearing was. A couple of times in it really started to bug me, until I realized it was my hubstacks still spinning at roughly the speed of sound. :wink:

And I can’t get it to knot up, I’ve tried.

On the DM the results were basically the same. The only big difference being that the DM now goes down to sleep from a normal throw at roughly the same speed as a hummingbird on crack. Comes up about as fast, too.

It has to be noted that this stuff produces RIDICULOUS sleep times, at least on my PGM. We’re talking around three minutes here, folks. This is without any string twist tricks you’d normally do to artificially inflate the sleep time.

Ok, been messing with it for a bit longer now…

Ahh! Now it’s starting to get soft! This would be the “breaking in” I read about, I take it? Still rock solid. Less finger burn. Still “hummingbird on Red Bull” fast. At least now it’ll slack a lot nicer than it did when fresh, although it still stays nice and taut from finger to yoyo.

This stuff is tops! Can’t wait to try some of the other stuff now. (Alchemy, Voodoo, g-String, etc.)

Just a Tip DocRobot, if you want that Broken in comfort, but still keep the performance, toss an Anger Hair string into the dryer on High (by itself) for 3-5 minutes. Truly heaven after that. By the way, it is a designer I know did a chemical burn test on it and determined it was a Nylon blend.

The Dryer trick also works on Alchemy strings.


Nice, man. Thanks for the tip!

I’m gonna go ahead and try that and see what happens.

Forgot a step. Toss it into a paper lunch sac to it does not get pulled into the filter.

you may ask, “How did You find out about this trick?”
I had a few Anger Hair in my jeans and my wife washed them.

Wow, lol great review… kinda thing… but i might get some when i run outta g string … i love your metaphors lol… humming bird on crack… bendarooos lol

Man, now I want to try them :wink:

Next time I order from the Guy, I am definitely gonna try some.

They are great! And thanks for the tip Dryoyo.


Thank you rsmod123 I was just about to do that.

haha i really like that robin picture, the expression :smiley:

That just made it into my favorites :smiley:



pssst, he is not calling you me, he is thanking me for the dryer tip…

Oh, I know! I just realized I hadn’t met my daily quota of bad internet memes.