Holy smokes! Andre has been indicted for fraud ...

There is terrible …


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April fool right?

This can’t be real because it’s not kendama related.

April Fools again!

I always thought he was just underselling himself, but it goes to show you that the law is the law.

I could buy a Dazzler with that bail money… just about.

I just went on Yoyonews and couldn’t find this post
link? I have pretty bad eyes and can’t see some of the words

Don’t know if you’re joking or not but HE is.

That’s because it’s a joke

-contemplates life-
I hate April Fools.

agreed, c y’all tomorrow lol jk

Ohmagerd don’t make this like last year… :wink:

we need every forum member to contribute half a million at least.

What happened last year?