Holla holla holla! I wanna holla atcha!

Yo! Some might remember me from YYN from time’s past…

shoot, you know I’m still rockin the 5*v2 (hit me up if you have a flawless black one). Damn doe.

So tell me, what’s hot right now? When I was still lurking around YYN modded zero’s were pretty big and the hattrick had just been released. Everyone was hating on YYN and it was a jolly good time. What’s the big hype wagon now? Holla if ya hear me.

Welcome to YoYoExpert!

We don’t cotton to much hatin’ over here. Wouldn’t really wanna take a guess as to what the “big hype wagon” is here. Just hang about a bit and you’ll get a feel for the lay of the land.

What he said. And welcome!

Dude! I have been throwing my 5 Star like crazy lately. I have the same one as you. That stuff is goooooooood.

Welcome to yoyoexpert! Where everybody wants a CLYW and all the other brands don’t matter!

lol joking aside welcome the above statement is not 100% true (maybe 70-80%)

I want every CLYW out there … if you don’t like yours … sell it to me ;D… they are popular for a reason … I don’t have to defend their reputation … their yo-yos speak for themselves. I guess some just don’t want to spend that much on a yoyo. There are great yo-yos for every price range, and no I don’t only have CLYW … I have a pretty mixed amount of throws and have tried every brand out there except maybe some new upcoming ones.

there are a lot of them in stock nowadays for anyone to pick them up.

Welcome to yoyoexpert! :]
Every brand is bringing their A-game, really. YYF keeps dropping yoyos in set groups [this time being the Champions Collection] as always just doing their thing. CLYW is still out there. Anti-Yo dropped a few yoyos of the past year or so and doesn’t fail to disappoint. And since you talked about General-Yo, they’re also doing well!

There’s basically no hatin’ going on in here. Everyone’s cool with each other.

so things haven’t really changed, and the YYF heat has slowed down.

And yeah, CLYW was very popular 2-3 years ago… all the new colorways were sold out almost instantly lol.

I looked over the shop and saw some pretty cool/crazy ano jobs on these current yoyo’s…

One was “Rotten Apple” (forgot which yoyo it was)… looked mad dope.

Hello! Welcome to the yoyo expert community! We have this nifty place for introducing yourself (it’s stickied, so it has the curse of never being read).

We just don’t need a new thread every time a new member joins. We look forward to getting to know you!

By the way, the newest hype is wooden yoyos. No joke, they’ve made a resurgence, and I’m glad to say that people are back into wood.

true, my bad.  You can close this, I got the info I needed…  Now to begin my quest to find an all black 5*

All I have to say to you is good luck.

There’s only 5 made haha.

We don’t have room for your kind here.

what exactly is that supposed to mean?

Just Q being Q. Avoid his insults and you should be just fine.

He’s challenging you to a duel.

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hes just jokin around

What string do you guys recommend? All the string “companies” are different lol

As it was with YYN Highlight back then, the bulk string YYE sells works pretty well. But if you wanna try something new, I recommend Kitty String. Since I’m cheap and I like my string in huge bulks, I stick with Kitty :]

I was rocking some G-String and Gator Floss, know anything similar?

Sure. G-string. :slight_smile:

They haven’t gone anywhere.