Holiday Greetings to All!

My fondest Christmas Greetings to all the friends I have made here.


Happy Holidays!

Thanks banjo!

Happy Holidaze

And Happy Birthday to me! ::slight_smile:

When’s your birthday pal?

The last day of the year!

I guess your folks were able to just sneak you in as their new tax deduction that year.

On Shadowz birthday EVERYBODY goes out drinking.

The tax joke is a well known joke in my family.

Yes, it’s true, and sad. :stuck_out_tongue: I hope I have a good birthday. :stuck_out_tongue:

Merry Christmas everyone!

Hope everyone gets the yo-yo of thier heart’s desire this year…

3 days till my birthday!!!

I didn’t ask for a yoyo :-\

How could you not ask for yoyos?

Me either. :-\

Or me

So what did you kids ask for from Santa this year?

Some effects pedals.


A yoyo case! Haha! And a Mp3 player and some yoyo string.