Hold Your Colour Yoyo Video



Hi all… My name is Niki and I’m from Bulgaria.  :slight_smile: This is my best video yet. I’ve been playing from about 1 year and I hope you like my video! :wink: Watch it in HD!  8)


Love the effects


Sweet. It looks like a crazy acid trip. :o


+1 for Pendulum.


omg now that was awesome and where excatly are u in bulgaria cuz my moms bulgarian and we come to visit often and i think it would be cool to meet another yoyoer ;D


I’m from Sofia, and I’m happy to know you like my video! :wink:


awesome my relatives are from there too :slight_smile: maybe next time i come ther we could meet up :smiley:

(M²) #8

that was amazing. How long have you been throwing? Really good speed. The effects were great, but the only reccomandaiton i could make would be to also post an uneditted version so we can see the tricks more clearly.

(DOGS) #9

In my opinion the effects wreck the video. Also, language warning.


dude, screw the effects. the yoyoing is great, but the effects are not the best.

(202andrew) #11

the yoyoing was great, the effects were cool too.


Bump! :wink:


UP! :stuck_out_tongue:

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im not fooled by the fast motion


niether am i and why you bumping a thread that died…


nice vid