Hold Your Colour Yoyo Video


Hi all… My name is Niki and I’m from Bulgaria.  :slight_smile: This is my best video yet. I’ve been playing from about 1 year and I hope you like my video! :wink: Watch it in HD!  8)

Love the effects

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Sweet. It looks like a crazy acid trip. :o

+1 for Pendulum.

omg now that was awesome and where excatly are u in bulgaria cuz my moms bulgarian and we come to visit often and i think it would be cool to meet another yoyoer ;D

I’m from Sofia, and I’m happy to know you like my video! :wink:

awesome my relatives are from there too :slight_smile: maybe next time i come ther we could meet up :smiley:

that was amazing. How long have you been throwing? Really good speed. The effects were great, but the only reccomandaiton i could make would be to also post an uneditted version so we can see the tricks more clearly.

In my opinion the effects wreck the video. Also, language warning.

dude, screw the effects. the yoyoing is great, but the effects are not the best.

the yoyoing was great, the effects were cool too.

Bump! :wink:

UP! :stuck_out_tongue:



im not fooled by the fast motion

niether am i and why you bumping a thread that died…

nice vid