Ice Wave


That’s a video that I decided to make cuz’ I got my new Superstar.  :wink:

So post comments please.  :slight_smile:


I can tell you like front style, and now so do I, good job, good tricks, keep it up!

(M²) #3

Great yoyoing. I like the finger, regen, throwing thingy… whatever that was at 1:31. I’d reccomand doing vids somewhere with a more interesting backround and with a few differant angles though.


I was thinking about that but the prob is that there is like nowhere near my place where theres a good view or smth. When I go to a holiday I’ll make a new video with some cooler view. :wink:

(M²) #5

try outdoors, you’d be amazed


nice vid.


great yoyoing. man, you got some killer stuff, there.


your really good!

(DanielBG) #9

great yoyo + great music + GREAT YOYOER = me amazed !

who said bulgarian yoyoers arent good? :wink:


i loved your boing-e-boing combo. propss

(M²) #11

…no one…

(DanielBG) #12

lol right -.-"


cool tricks… need good backrounds