Hockeyboss16 asked me to hold a yoyo for him on Sunday, July 6th. I agreed, as long as he could pay me by today, Thursday July 10th. He guaranteed he would be able to. He sent me a pm this morning at 10:01 asking about condition, which we already covered. I responded as soon as I got home from work at 3:47, telling him exactly what I’ve been telling him since Sunday about condition. He responded almost immediately that he bought a different yoyo because I “…took too long to respond…”

I mean, really? REALLY? He knew I needed this money and I held it for him. Shady character. Avoid.

He should know better. I’ve had a kid who had me wait 3 weeks for a trade, since he was gonna use it for a contest, and after the 3 weeks was up, he changed his mind. Wasted my time

Some people seriously have no patience. The number of times I’ve seen kids posting threads asking for help and then bumping it every 15 minutes because nobody’s replied yet amazes me. Sucks when people have stiffed you after you’ve gone out of your way to help them out. Might be a good idea to do what a lot of stores do with pre-orders and take a deposit to hold the item.