Hitman PRO vs 888x - Worth the money?

Okay so I’ve narrowed down my choice to the Hitman PRO. But I might be able to squeeze in some money for the 888x.

Other than the hubstacks, what advantages does the 888x have over the HMP? What makes it worth twice as much?

Sleep time?
Compatibility with the KonKave bearing?
Easier to learn binds and string tricks on?
Easier to land on the string?

I think it is just overall quality. I don’t have an 888x (but I would love to try one), but I have a HMP and it is pretty good. If you are more advanced, I recommend the 888x. If you are more of a beginner to intermediate player, the HMP is a better choice because it comes with a responsive bearing, AND an unresponsive bearing. Both are nice. Hope this helped.

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I’ve heard about the HMP’s versatility with string tricks and such. How does it do with thumb grinds and hand stalls?

First of all, the HMP does NOT come with a responsive bearing.

Is the 888x worth the extra money? Hell no. Not in my opinion in the slightest. The HMP is one of the absolute best yoyos ever made.

What makes the 888x cost over twice as much? Kiddies running to their mommy and asking for them for their birthdays.

Go with the HMP.

Regular arm grinds, and hand stalls are excellent; but I feel they could have been better. Raw aluminum is not the best grinding surface, but it is better than you’d expect. I do wish they put some kind of finish on it, but it is still nice. Thumb grinds, on the other hand are not good at all. There is really no room to put your thumb. Even when the caps are off. Hope this helped.

Note: DON’T TAKE THE CAPS OFF (if you get the HMP). I don’t care how much you like thumb grinds. Don’t take them off. It is not worth it. The caps look too cool! I made this mistake, and I regret it.

The first run didn’t. The latest run does…

yea my friend feels really dissapointed with buying an 888x when his HMP is twice as good.