Hitman or X- Convict

im getting a new yoyo and ive narrowed it down to just these two wanting to know everyone elses oppinion on which one is better, and looking for approximate spin times for both if anyone knows. also looking for some good string i usually get from theyostore 50% poly and 50% cotton slick 6, so any suggestions there would also be greatly appreciated. thanks guys

Well, this one is going to come down to a matter of body style. Their internal operation is identical in any measurable way. By this I mean they both use double o-ring response, and run the same bearing size and gap width. The weight is pretty much the same on them as well, the Hitman sits at 64 grams and the X-Convict at 66 grams.

As I said, the real difference here is body shape. Allow me to illustrate…


And here’s another, probably more important, angle shot…


The Hitman, where similar in dimensions to the Vict, has a much closer to traditional butterfly shape. The flare is minimal, and rounds out nicely at the ends…


The X-Convict, on the other hand, has a much more unconventional body shape. Notice the miles and miles of metal weight ring, and more “sharp” taper…


Take a look at the X-Convict next to some others to get an idea…


That’s the Vict, next to a SPYY Spyder and a YYF '09 888. Some would argue the only difference in style here is the lack of smoothing the curve at the edges that the Spyder and 888 both have. (Although it’s also important to notice that the Vict is noticeably larger as well, keep this in mind if you happen to be used to throwing the smaller high-end stuff.)

Of course, I see you have the YYJ Lyn Fury listed as your favorite thrower.

It’s worth noting that Lyn’s big brother with the metal trim and bad attitude is considered to be the “next step up” from Ms. Fury. Let’s have another side-by-side shot…


So, which body style would you enjoy throwing more? If you stick with the body shape you seem to enjoy, the Hitman is an obvious choice. If you’re looking for something in body similar to a lot of the higher-end metals out there, with a bit more size, the Vict is the way to go. You’re in a great position here, believe it or not. You can’t make a bad call.

I would also really recommend a KK bearing, and the use of either flowable or flush o-ring silicone. You’ll end up liking them even more by going this route, IMHO.

As far as string goes, you can’t go wrong with Slick 6 or 100P (regardless of brand) if that’s your thing. You can also give Alchemy, Chaos, GString, VBR, or Angel Hair a try. Lots of options out there for string. Consider it a yoyo journey as you try them all to find what you like.

that was very detailed exactly what i was looking for thanks

Wider rims means better balance… but worse sleepers.

I say X-Convict

wow i thought the x convict was supposed to be small

I respectfully beg to differ.

Perhaps you could elaborate on this a little?

Nope, it’s a bit on the bigger side. This is one of the 1,849 distinct reasons I love it beyond words.

I heard it from someone…

I was more interested in knowing why you thought it was factual.

Weight distribution? ;D Because the more centered the weight is, the longer it should spin right? (Or do I need to study science?) And when it is more spread out, it is obviously easier to balance.

No lol, you got it wrong. if the weight is in the center, it will lose balance easily, and its spin times will be low.
If it is near the rims, it will spin longer and be more stable. Why? I’m not sure lol, but it has something to do with the weight being further away from the string/bearing.

Go ask doc robot lol, i won’t be of much help anymore.

I think samad said that… but if the weight is more centered, and providing it weighs the same, then it will sleep longer.

Nah, it wasnt me, lol. I havent even posted in this thread! ;D