History of yoyos


Hey, I wanted to see if anyone here knew if there is somewhere you can find out how yoyos first came to be, from the idea of a yoyo to how its made and colored and used today. The first company that started all this and etc. Something like a history about it in a book or a video.

I would have put this in “unrelated” but it still has something to do about yoyos so I put it in General Talk.


Google will reveal a lot, my favorite reference source is the one and only yoyo book by malko


Yoyowiki has a huge page on it:http://www.yoyowiki.org/wiki/History_of_the_yo-yo.


It was started in like c. 500 b.c. made out of terra cotta. The first person to bring to america was philipino pedro flores who sold his company to duncan. I know much more as last year we did a project all year on whatever we want and I picked yoyos.


Lots of great info guys. Thanks. Are there any like videos of how yoyos are manufactured and processed? The whole works. Kinda like how there are educational videos for cars and how they are made and put together?


Onedrop has a shop cam on there site.