Yoyo history

I’m doing a research paper on the history of yoyoing and would appreciate if you guys could help me find some resources on yoyoing. Such as who started the trend of horizontal yoyoing?, when did the change from cotton string to polyester string happen?, how being sponsor is the differences from not being sponsor?, etc.

This has some cool stuff in it.

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Or try this:

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Cool idea for a paper!

This reference isn’t as good as the one from BBBBB but it is useful:

And this article is fun:

Lucky’s Collector’s Guide to 20th Century Yo-yos by Lucky Meisenheimer is a great resource and gets you up to 1998 or so.  If you don’t have a copy or can’t afford to order one, check with your librarian and ask for an interlibrary loan.  She/he can order it from another library if you have time.

Tom Kuhn was very influential in making the bridge between the old style Duncans and the metal competition yo-yos that we have now.  There is a sticky thread here:
Apparently, he was the first to splash anodize a metal yo-yo with the old SB2s.  The site, tomkuhn.com, is run my someone other than Dr. Kuhn though and he is only remotely associated with it anymore.  Their customer service is not the best and detailed historical questions are unlikely to be answered.

There is also a sticky thread here about the CLYW Peak: 

I was an English major in college and BBBBB is currently a science teacher.  If you’ll share a rough draft of your paper here before turning it in (and if it isn’t due tomorrow), I’ll be happy to check for typos.  BBBBB could probably offer teacherly advice and I imagine the group yo-yo mind would be helpful for fact checking.

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I would be happy to help however I can. Just let me know.

This is a paragraph I wrote when I had a research paper two or three years ago. I do not remember the sources, so I would recommend that you do some research on these to confirm them.

^^ Flores was actually the one who popularized looping the string around the axle, not Donald Duncan. (Not that any teacher would know this, but just fyi)

Well, I’ll tell you one thing. If you got a good grade on your research paper; prolly a good thing that your Instructor knew little about the actual history of yoyos, lol.

Because your story has enough holes in it to sink a battleship😱

…and by the way; Yoyo has no ‘Island’ origin. It doesn’t mean: come come or to return or anything else.

Many years ago I contacted the Philipine Historical Association; based in the Islands. They connected me to a Trio of ‘Elders’ specializing in any/all language-words-slang originating in the Philippine Islands.

I asked if they could tell me the origin of the word Yo-yo?

About 3 weeks went by… I almost forgot that I even called them😳

They got back to me and told me the word ‘Yo-yo’ does not mean Anything in any of the 8 major dialects of the Islands: Waray, Bikol, Cebuano, Hiliganon, Ilokano, Kapampangan, Pangasinan, or Tagalog. Period.

Funny stuff…huh?


this is a nice video with a personal view of the history

"At age 75 years old, Glenn Godsey is the oldest competitive yo-yo team member in the world. He shares his thoughts on the evolution of yo-yo since the early 1940’s. "