hiroyuki suzuki gloves?


Does anyone know what type of gloves he and other players use? Or better yet a link or something?
I’m just wanting to know if its a certain fabric and all.




i have watched a few videos and that looks like the kind they used just go onto www.billybobsbaitntackle.com

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he uses full gloves, all they have is Duncan gloves :confused:


no they got some full white gloves


they have some white cotton gloves


oh ok I found em! I just searched gloved at first and only the Duncan glove came up… thanks!

(themikedurdak) #7

Ian Johnson said he uses gloves from Walgreens, if you don’t want to order. Idk


Wait where?


Just buy pool gloves for 2-3 dollars on amazon. No sense in buying high dollar yoyo brand gloves.