High Wall Yoyos

What are some of the better high wall yoyos out there. I have a CLYW Sasquatch and Glacier Express and am looking for something on the other end of the spectrum. I don’t want it to have maximum rim weight and want something with higher walls that will help refine my tricks and play. Thanks!

Look for an old 888.

I have a DNA and I love it. Its weight is in its hubstacks and its rims so maybe that’s what you’re after. 888 is probably a good option too if you want it smaller.

My Cerberus is also very nice. Big, wide, quite smooth, and the rim weight is not maximized. Very well-executed, unique, hybrid material yo-yo.

I have an original Hitman, but the new Hitman X looks fantastic. The Hitman has the best shape ever! If the new one is as smooth as the Cerberus, then it’s a winner.

SPYY Addiction is soooo good. Walls are not as high as the others, but wow, it’s a great yo-yo. Love those rims. The shape may be even more comfy than the Hitman…

I have not tried a Bassline 2, but that looks great (looks like a lot of rim weight though).

Love the G5 myself as just a fun throw to mess around with. Something classic like an oxy 4 or hspin h20 is really nice. Same for the hspin pyro. Spyy Radian MK2 is easily one of the smoothest and best. Ilyy wasabi comes to mind as well. Can’t go wrong with a sili recessed zero as well. OG superstars were beast. Only other one I can think of is anything from the Dert series if you’re lucky enough to find it.

Can’t have a conversation about High Walls and not mention the General Yo Torrent II…



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Thanks everyone. Went through to look at stuff but couldn’t find a lot of them on YYE. However, the 3YO3 Bassline 2 looks nice (albeit the splash colors are sold out) and that box it comes in is out of this world. Anyone have any experience with this thing? Or how about the Square Wheels Nomad?

A little on the expensive side but the Anti-yo Bapezilla is one of the first ones that comes to mind.


YoYoFactory Roll Model, DNA, and 888x are great choices too!



The Roll Model is no joke.

Especially without caps.

I miss mine. It was fantastic.

Nomad doesn’t technically have high walls. But it is one of the best yoyos I have ever played. It is on the slightly heavier side and boy is it a powerful spinner. But its comfy shape means that if you decide to bind early, there’s no pain.

The blasted version has a fantastic grinding surface. The spikes are a bit painfully sharp for matador at first, but on the other hand the sharpness combined with low profile make matador EASY. The weight is a little bit in from the rims, which helps it feel lively.

Can’t say enough good things about the Nomad. My favourite “organic” yoyo for sure. If you want lighter and more rim-weighted, there’s also the Markmont Classic which is amazing. I hear the Bassline 2 is great, too, though; I’ve just never played one.

None of those 3 are actually high-wall in the traditional sense, though.


this is the most amazing yoyos ever if you can try and buy this one!

3yo3 Bassline 2.