High altitude yoyoing

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So I was looking for a good cookie recipe, and saw several with special High altitude instructions. It made me wonder if any of you high altitude yoyoers experience any difference in yoyoing at high or low altitude.
I cant think that it would be that big of a difference, and would likely be a subtle change but let me know what you think!


I know the Bengals use the NFL training facility in Denver due to the high altitude. It toughens the players up a bit more. I would imagine throwing at higher altitudes would have a similar effect just not on such a drastic level since throwing isn’t as strenuous as tackling people. :slight_smile:


I grew up in a small town called Frisco, CO. 9,100 feet above sea level about 75 miles west of Denver in the heart of ski country. I now split my time, my life, and my throwing between Frisco and Las Vegas, NV. Vegas sits at around 2,100 feet above sea level. Last month I drove down to LA and spent about 2 hours straight throwing a Crucial Cupcake on the Santa Monica Pier (sea level) after eating Sprinkles Cupcakes in Beverly Hills…

Honestly it’s an interesting concept, but there’s no difference in yoyo play at different elevations. I spend my summers climbing 14,000 foot mountains and throwing on top of them, my bro has great videos and pics of me throwing, Eli Hopping, etc…at the top of North America…there’s no difference. Except the views are better and you feel awesome at the top of a mountain hopping a yoyo 4 feet above your head.


PLEASE upload those videos to Youtube!


This summer I went to Rocky Mountain National Park and threw at 13,000 feet, not kidding. I didn’t really notice much of a difference except that I was light-headed and felt like I was going to pass out. ;D


I live in Colorado and I see no difference when I go to sea level.