hidemassa hook omg


i always land it on a trapeze why? ???


Do you mean when you do Hidemasa hook and roll out of it, it is a trapeze with a single twist in it instead of an undermount,

or do you mean when you try to do hidemasa hook you land straight into a trapeze.


(J. Lev) #4

Make sure that you’re whipping your throwhand towards your freehand, and basically tossing the loop of string around it.


Hope this helps!


now when i whip it it land a trapeze


thanks for the good vids i am going to try it


I made a video for this trick a few years ago.  Terrible quality…sorry…but it could help.


why my hidmassa hook slac dont come very big that cant touch my yo yo ???


try having a more exaggerated whipping motion that might help