Hi from yoyo4vn

Hi everyone :slight_smile: Im koolspinz from yoyo4vn, a community for Vietnamese yoer :slight_smile: Nice to meet you guys
I have been yoing for 2 years and i feel great :slight_smile:
In AP 2011 , we have 3 contestances participated in 1A division but we didnt make through the qualifier ( highest rank is 43rd)
The biggest contest we had ever have is Auldey yoyo contest, funded by auldey company

In this 14th August , we are going to have our first vnyyc :slight_smile: its gonna be big :slight_smile:
It would be great if you can come to vietnam and enjoy the contest :slight_smile:

www.yoyo4vn.com :slight_smile:

I’ll wait until it isn’t summer so it’s not quite so humid!

I might see about going next year. If you can give quite a bit of notice, I might be able to schedule my visit to coincide with this contest. I won’t be competing, but I night be checking it out.

it already great if you can visit vietnam :slight_smile: you are alway welcome