Hi from Italy and suggestions for my 2nd yoyo


Hi everyone, my name is Paolo and I am writing from Italy. I bought my first unresponsive yoyo a couple of week ago, and I am learning the basic tricks.
Now I want to buy a second ones, because everytime I play, my wife steal the yoyo to try.
Currently I have the yyf protostar.
As second choice, we are in doubt if buy another unresponsive yoyo (specifically, I saw the yyf shutter, to try the feel of a metal yoyo) or a yoyo for 4a style (maybe the t1 captain). What do you think? They are good choices?
Thank you, sorry for my English, and compliments for the beautiful forum!


Go for a metal yoyo( maybe the horizon?)and tell her that it hurts your hand when it comes back up so she won’t take it from you :laughing::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


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XD I’ll try as suggested by you. I find the horizon for 55 euro against the shutter’s 39. There are sostantial differences between the two?

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Yes the horizon has an amazing fingerspin bowl and the shutter does not.



And if you get into 4A go for the Duncan Skyhawk



Have a think about what kind of yoyo you want. Maybe you would prefer a small yoyo, or a heavy and wide one. There are lots to choose from, they all feel different and are built with different qualities but in the end they all do the same thing.

Shop around! If you do see one you like, watch some videos about it and see what others think of it. You’re always better off buying a yoyo that appeals to you, not just other yoyo players.

That being said, the shutter is a great choice, as is almost anything from YYF :slight_smile:


Thank you for all your suggestions! I will search the horizon. Unfortunately, in Italy the aren’t specialized stores for yoyo. Currently I am buying only on Amazon, that has a very limited variety of yoyos.
I found also another yoyofactory’s yoyo in special offer: the navigator. Do you know it? It is good as the horizon? Have a nice day :wink:

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The Shutter is a good all rounder But IMO the Topyo Silenus and Photon are waaaaay better and only 35 bucks each. If you can get your hands on vosun 8s vanquish DO IT. It’s the best yoyo I have ever thrown. I own 27 yoyos from $5 all the up to $130 and the Vosun vanquish is the best I have ever used. I hit it on my desk and now it has pretty noticeable vibe now BUT even with the vibe I still love it more than all of my other yoyos. I won’t trade it for anything lol. Of course this is only my opinion. Honestly though it’s hard to go wrong with any modern unresponsive yoyo. They are all pretty dang good.


Thank you! I found in Europe all the yoyos you suggested me. I also found the vonus ones, and specifically the vanish (it costs 24 euro) and the galsang (30 euro).
Can you confirm me that the vanish is the best solution, or it is better if I buy the galsang?

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Check out the Magicyoyo N12 or purple line


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