HH (Hatrick Hit)

Why are they such a big deal? What is they’re response? How big? Paint job? Bearing size? I’m deciding between a few yoyos… Any ways! What is the hatrick?

Hat Pads + Large AIRG bearing + Bead Blasted + Blue and Grey Anno= AWESOME

The new production runs will be Red/Blue, I believe. I also think that they will include Blue/Clear, and Red/Black.

Because they are awesome :smiley:

Well they have great two tone color ways, PHENOMENAL beadblast, and the are smooth and very High quality yoyos.

They also have the nasty AIGR bearing, and may come in the Badass format too, but will still be rare.

Thanks for the hint Samad, I may buy a Red/Black once they come out. Any idea on the release date?

If anyone’s interested I have my 1st run Hatrick now officially up for sale on bst (sorry for the thread jack and the blatant defiance to Samad :P). PM me if interested.

To address the OP, the Hat Pad response is probably the best response I’ve tried so far. All the grip of a good silicone job with minimal wear after extended usage. And yes the beadblast is also incredible for grinds and even just to hold. The gap is somewhere in the 4mm range to create a very balanced feeling response - wide enough for plenty of string layers but narrow enough for a consistently tight bind. Also the size falls comfortably in the mid-undersized range but the full shape makes it fill out your hand nicely.