I think this is one of Xela’s friends

Considering that the video is actualy Xela’s video, yes, it is probably one of his friends. He is also a key personality in French yoyoing from what I can see.

Yea, He’s a handless guy who plays yoyo very well. Can you believe it that he can do awesome tricks while playing handless. He’s one of the awesome yoyoers.

Happy Throwing! =]

Major props to him!

MOST yoyoers are awesome though.

Not me! :wink:

Most yoyoers are awesome = He’s one of the awesome yoyoers

Happy Throwing! =]

Well there are some yoyoers you’d wish didn’t exist. Take this seriously.

haha ok I see.

This is guy has one hand and he’s better than me. This is awesome but what a morale buster. XP

I think it’s kinda inspiring. :smiley:

One-armed Yo-Yoer. Thats an incredible thing to do!

I saw him yoyo a while ago and is still getting better with disadvantage
rock on armless dude

Fixed. :wink: