4 Years

I’ve had a blast meeting many of you, hanging out, teaching and learning tricks, and just being a part of this awesome community. 4 years in and still going strong. Let’s keep it going!

dude you are very good. keep on throwing


Stop getting too pro. That’s not cool.

Smooth and fast, putting all of us breakaway throwers to shame!

Holy crap. I can’t even explain how great that was I swear.

Dude…so good!

What was that rejection to tower business? Must learn.

In my opinion, you are easily one of the most aesthetically pleasing yoyoers on this planet. Your style is just perfect.

Absolutely blown away. The triangle combo from 0:53-0:58 had my jaw on the floor.


10 years worth of skill in 4 :wink:
Nice stuff!

Thank you so much! I don’t know how my tricks look to other people until I share them. I do my tricks all the time so they lose their “wow” factor to me. It’s feels good to know that the tricks look as good as they feel when I’m doing them.

To everyone else thank you so much for watching!

Too good

Check it out if you haven’t already.

Just, amazing. I never seen anyone get this far without using breakaways.
Keep it up! ;D

Thank you so much!

There are a handful that throw this way. Check out Alexis JV.

Why not bump it?

Your tricks are mind blowing! I have no idea how u come up with them. An amazing video!

Thank man :slight_smile: Just land on different strings and experiment. Make weird twists and undo them somehow just do something funky and different.

Great video. Awesome tricks man. You’re really going places, and you’re going to get far. I can feel it.

Just so good. Any team would be lucky to have you! The way your style alternates between slacky and taut play is a big part of what makes it compelling to watch. It’s not “a million different slacks” and it’s not “a bunch of fidgety straight-lined tech”… it stays just distant enough from “pure tech” to stay super-interesting to watch.