Just Yoyoing

Yup. Just a few things I tossed together… nothing to major. See you at IYYO!


Awesome, back from your trip huh?

I just LOVE the expression when you end a trick.

Catch-look at the camera… EPIC.

Nice throws, and welcome back from your vacation!

Happy Throwing! =]

I’ve subscribed to you long time ago, but it hasn’t shown up in my YouTube yet.

Weird thing.

Samad subbed to mea while ago, but I don’t think it has shown up on my channel. :-\

That’s not really the same thing. I’ve subbed to Xdohl, but the video won’t show up on my YouTube.

It happens to me too.

Happy Throwing! =]

Oh, that’s what you meant.

It happens to me also.

Nice video dude! :wink: