HEY, you guys that asked for advice this year......

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #1

How did we do?

Give us some feedback on what advice worked for you and what didn’t. Many of us spend some serious time trying to answer questions and I, myself would like to get a feel for how we are doing.

I’m looking forward to your candid responses.


The best advice I got this year was on how to finish the classic wrist mount.

(Edmeister) #3

The best dice I Got was a Clear Counterweight
the best ADICE I got was … Whats a adice?
The best a dice was a regular monopoly dice.
the best Advice i got was to shorten my binds = Less snag and performance is improved.
Plus practice makes perfect.


the best advice i got was to try to learn/perfect boing e boing with a bigger yoyo. i was tryin to learn it on my POPStar and my Flea


Nice, I’ve never come close to pulling off a boing e boing. I quess it’s time to pull out my H5!