Hey, new to the site, few questions.

In all these attempts to convince the OP, you lads (and lady) have inadvertantly convinced me to buy a Shutter. Nicely played…

I wasnt even trying to convince you

We’ll this a lot of replies, I got the speedaholic, and so far I love it only problem is it likes to turn over, that’s why in waiting for a dm2 in the mail.i hope the metal rims act like a flywheel. Seems like I might want that protostar aswell but I’ll have to check out this shutter. I’m going for looks at this point.On another note the bearing in my speedaholic died on me, now this has never happened to me, is it typical?

Bearings will occasionally need to be cleaned and lubed from time to time. I suggest checking out the mods and maintenance section since it can be very helpful in this aspect and this question gets brought up a lot.

This is more of a problem with technique then anything. I found the Speedaholic to be quite stable. It’s just a matter of learning and refining your technique. As has been stated in this thread before, a new yoyo won’t magically make you able to land all your tricks. With practice comes more control, and I feel like at this point in your yoyoing ‘career’, most yoyos will be able to handle whatever you throw (pun intended) at them. I really hope this didn’t come off as rude or mean, it wasn’t meant to be. :slight_smile:

By the way SR, the Shutter is 45$, not 55 :wink:

Black Magic 2.


So I read through most of the first page, sorry if I missed some key points :slight_smile:

I have the DM2 and the Rally, and really don’t like the DM2. The walls on it are high, and sticky, so the string frequently presses against them and I lose large amounts of spin time off of this. I’m a pretty good yo-yoer who is currently learning the expert tricks on the YYE tutorials. (Was when I was doing 1A before I switched to 5A.)

I love the Rally, it plays great and has long spin times. It got a lot better when I put flowable silicone in it but the response pads it came with were pretty good, a little grabby for my taste. If you don’t know what flowable silicone is just ask and seven people on here will tell you. It’s the best thing since sliced response systems =P.

Welcome to the forums! I hope you end up loving yo-yoing as much as we all do :slight_smile: