Herokumo B/S/T (YYF 888.11 Jason Lee Edition)


I have a YYF 888.11 Jason Lee for trade. I’ve thrown it less than a handful of times and it just doesn’t have the feel that I like in a yoyo. Its in great condition. There are matching pinpricks on the metal where the hubstacks are and I have not idea how they got there as I have never used the hubstacks and I was/am the original owner. It will include everything it came with brand new. Below is a list of what I am looking for but I will also accept Paypal.

I’ve been an active seller/trader on multiple sites and this is how I handle shipping. Everything I ship has delivery confirmation to protect both parties. Anything sold/traded for with a value of over $100 will also have insurance unless we work out something else. I simul-send ONLY. If you don’t trust me on this site I will happily direct you to my ebay account and several other sites to view my feedback if needed.

CiTizen [Mint]
String Theory Singularity (silver/ I think it was a B grade but I can’t remember it was purchased ages ago) [pinpricks]
Skywalker 2nd run (blue / orange cant remember the color name lol) [1 skuff, pinprick]
Summit Dino Warrior NQP (Massdrop) [Mint]
YYF 888.11 Jason Lee Blue [Near Mint, pin prick on hubstacks]

One Drop Format:C - Ayame Colorway
Seven Summits - McKinley
CLYW Orca - Rustoleum Colorway
YoYo Workshop Armament - Vonboom or Minefield
Vsnyyc Ti-Walker


PMed for the SUMMIT NQP

(system) #7