"Here's To The Future!" new 1a video starring Zammy!

(Zammy Ickler ) #1

New 1a only video starring Zammy! July. 2010. 1a. Duncan <3.
Thanks go out to the following people: Adam Brewster, Brad Moss, Gavin Lent, Charlie Rich, Eric Tranton, Gary Couch, Corbin Higly.
Enjoy! I’ve been working hard on the side for the past 6 months on 1a.


ps-throw duncan!


Great job Zammy! I really like your 1a. Crazy and fast like Augie Fash, but innovative and creative like Yuuki Spencer. Very cool video. :slight_smile:



And why has Duncan not picked you up yet?!?!?!?!

Also, what band is playing in this vid? Sounds familiar.


5th Hour Hero maybe?

(202andrew) #5

(Zammy Ickler ) #6

I’m not sure why when it comes to that, but I’m determined that someday I shall be apart of the team. :slight_smile: Anyways, The band is called “Heartsounds”. Check them out on myspace or youtube sometime, they are quite an amazing band.


Awesome video Zammy! :smiley: Makes me want to throw some Duncan. :slight_smile:


Its good to see Epitaph signing more fast, fun, punk again!!! They were haven’ a bad run there for a few years.

(M²) #9

this brightend up my boring day!


that is quite possibly the furthest thing from punk


can you please… PLEASE make a tutorial for Pathos and the last trick… pretty please


I’m sorry, “pop” punk! Is that better?!?!


Well, Zammy, i see your creative mobious has worked its way into 1A! Very well done! i love how technical this is!!!


Liked it! Very well done!

(Zach Smith) #15

Zammy, I’m pretty sure that Adam Brewster, You, and, because I am incredibly vain, me have the best names for tricks. :smiley:


Agreed. :slight_smile:

(Zammy Ickler ) #17

Hey guys, thanks for watching and commenting. always appreciate it.

I’ve been told by quite a few people I have a knack for naming tricks…this video had made up words from positive influences…such as "Optimare"is obviously paying respect to “Optimism”.

Yeah, Heartsounds has a more pop punk sound to it, not the itty grittyness. I love them.

My 1a seems to have always had a influence from my moebius, since that is my natural style of throwing. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Unforntuatly, I tend to not make tutorials. I’ll be posting it on Sector Y soon as a direct download.