Henry's coral snake and viper are they good?

My brother gave me has a coral snake and viper and I am wondering how they compare to the dark magic or any yoyo’s in that area of price range.

The coral snake is an awesome yoyo for a beginner. It had up to 3 minute sleeps and can do all your basic tricks. Comparing to dark magic isn’t a good comparison, it is not a 1A yoyo

Those Henrys are built for very different kinds of yoyoing than the Dark Magic. The Viper would be a great choice if you want to pursue tricks similar to what Ed Haponik does on fixed axles, but for most of the other stuff you see in yoyo videos these days, the DM would be a much better choice. That’s not to say that it’s impossible to do modern tricks on a Viper, but it would be much easier on a DM.

The Coral Snake is for looping tricks. 2A, etc.

Henrys also has a more recent yoyo called the Viper NEO, which is a different beast entirely. It is built for modern play.

One more thing about the older Henrys; the prices they are going for these days are very inflated. The Viper for instance was a fifteen dollar yoyo, but now sells on ebay and amazon for nearly fifty. It is hands down my favorite yoyo for responsive play, so I’m not necessarily saying it isn’t worth the markup, but you should be aware that those prices are a gouge.