helppppppp! YoYo is Responsive

ok so i have an phoenix hspin and the bearing is working great i know the break in period and have tried the thin lube… the bearing is quiet now and super responsive it like one of the responsive yoyos that have tons of grease and are just makeing a pshhhhhhh sound any i deas im going to try minerals later

Clean the bearing in mineral spirits. Thoroughly dry. Don’t lube it right away. Play it a bit, then see about adding lube.

Also, learn to use punctuation. Thanks!

Sounds like you put way to much lube in it.
You can:

  1. play it and do the whole break in period again
  2. Clean it again and put a very small amount, less than a drop on one ball bearing (I’m assuming you removed the shields.
  3. clean it and play it dry (if that’s your preference)

That’s happend to me and it sounds like you put way to much lube. What worked for me was breaking the bearing in. AKA just use it as much as possible.