(Steven luvs yoyo) #1

tHANKS FOR HELPING ;D ;D ;D ;D also if you have a suggestion please tell me! :smiley: I;m bored of same old yoyos and looking to get new ones

(InvaderDust) #2

skyyva. But you might want to save up just a little more. So many options for so little money.


Get a skyva or a Nostalgia…
the Nostalgia cost a little more though


One yo-yo that is a bit underrated is the Recess - First Base. For $20 you get a well-made, good feeling plastic yo-yo with both a tug response and unresponsive bearing. It plays smooth and stable, and responds well to fast or relaxed play styles. It’s an all around great performer.

(Steven luvs yoyo) #5

um… Noastalgia is 5k




I’m curious as to why the Popstar is on the list? It seems to stick out from the other choices, excepting it’s $20 price tag.

Do you have other yoyos already? What’s your level?

I will say the Popstar is a super fun bargain at $20!