is this a good trade my will give me his Superstar and Boss for my go cart it needs some work and parts but i don’t know if it is a good trade

Superstar and a Boss are both fine yoyos, yes, but I don’t know anything about go-karts.

Kind of seems like an odd trade to me xD. Not because it isn’t fair (I think >.>) but because It’s the weirdest trade I’ve ever heard of. If you really want a go-kart i don’t see a problem.


I wouldd’t do it, because I prefer a Boss over a Skyline. Don’t base it off my statement, just think of it this way:

Do you use the Go Kart a lot?
Do you like the Boss? If No, what don’t you like about it?

About how much is the go-kart worth?
What condition are the yoyos in…

Do you think it would be worth it in the long-run? Just think about it. Have you tried both yoyos? Do you like them?

i bought the go cart for 50 and it needs about 60 in parts amd im too big for it

I’d say yeah! if your to big for it then why are you even worried about it…