20 and a metal zero for the silk

No, sorry. I do not like Metal Zero’s. Any other offers?

My guess is that you’re looking to get one of those SuperStars or some Ich Liebe YoYo.

Haha, you would be correct. But if the Superstars sell out by the time I get the money…Falcon! And besides I dont really play these yoyos anyway.

Oh and pheenix if your interested in any of the yoyos over $20 then I’d be happy to sell you one SHIPPED. Just as long as the price thats already on it covers shipping.

Nah, never been a fan of trading. The best trade offer I’ve ever seen though.

EDIT: If I can somehow transfer some money from my bank account internationally (which I have never tried), I could be very interested in that New Breed you got there.

Me neither. But how fun it is to look at the sales, it’s awesome, but I don’t like taking other peoples Yo-Yo’s.

Something about it that’s just weird.


Then I’d need PayPal.

We don’t use that in Norway… We just don’t

Hmmmm, Well unfortunately I cant think of any other way. But if you can think of a way then Id be more than happy to ship it to you! :slight_smile:

i might be considering the project

Its already mine

hahahaha. Nice Samad.

Oh, and the G5 is mine too :smiley:

Nice Samad. Man, I wanted the Project but oh well.

lol if you want i can trade you a dinged up hectic with some vibe on a bad throw for the K os and maybe 10 bucks


For a good reason too.

This K-os is absolutely AMAZING I like it better than my 888.

Its shimmed out with a SPEC.

Its gonna take more than you can offer to pry it out of my hands. Haha

But go ahead and offer. We’ll see if what your offering is appealing to me.

it doesnt matter right now tho lol, i am getting 2 deals and i may get a K os extreme which i heard was bettr