** Dave's SUPER SELLOUT - over 100 Yo-Yos to trade and sell **


PLEASE read the “general things” BEFORE sending me a PM!

Hey guys,

This is the biggest sale/trade thread I ever had and probably ever gonna have :slight_smile:

Reasons for it:
1.) I would like to raise some money to help my mom get a new car to get to her new job easier.
2.) I have tooo many yo-yos. and not enough space.
3.) I would like to try and get some yo-yos I haven’t had.

General things:

  • Please write to me in appropriate English. Although it is not my mother tongue, I can’t stand getting messages without punctuation and crazy spelling.
  • I am willing to negotiate all prices – I want these yo-yos to GO!
  • I ship worldwide - 15$ worldwide, 10$ in europe. I ship trackable and expect you to do so as well.
  • If you buy/trade loads of yo-yos, we can talk about shipping costs.
  • Be prepared to be thrown in random gifts :slight_smile:
  • I am a player so I do not mind smaller scuffs, dings…slight Vibe is acceptable, wobble is not.
  • If you need a close-up of any of the yo-yos (especially when of higher value), let me know and I will do my best.
  • I have great trade feedback and also run a well-known store in Germany - you can trade with confidence.
    - UPDATE: If you are new to this and don’t know what the yo-yos I put “offer” on are worth, don’t bother me with offers like 15$. Seriously, there is no point selling rare prototypes for 15$ - I will definately keep them then.

Wants list for trades - keep in mind I will happily trade multiple items for one:

  • - new YoYoRecreations (NO Messiah) - rare YoYoFactorys, especially Superstars, Genesis, Primo, Catch22. - CLYW - Japanese Metal, i.e. YoYoJoker and Turning Point - Phenom - Phenomizn - Loop900 NOT WHITE - for collection reasons. Especially after yellow and black. - anything else you think is cool :-) Please no undersized yo-yos like Dingo etc. [b]Pictures:[/b] http://www.yo-shop.de/Dateien/Supersale/Sale1.jpg http://www.yo-shop.de/Dateien/Supersale/Sale2.jpg http://www.yo-shop.de/Dateien/Supersale/Sale3.jpg http://www.yo-shop.de/Dateien/Supersale/Sale4.jpg http://www.yo-shop.de/Dateien/Supersale/Sale5.jpg http://www.yo-shop.de/Dateien/Supersale/Sale6.jpg http://www.yo-shop.de/Dateien/Supersale/Sale7.jpg http://www.yo-shop.de/Dateien/Supersale/Sale8.jpg http://www.yo-shop.de/Dateien/Supersale/Sale9.jpg http://www.yo-shop.de/Dateien/Supersale/Sale10.jpg http://www.yo-shop.de/Dateien/Supersale/Sale11.jpg http://www.yo-shop.de/Dateien/Supersale/Sale12.jpg http://www.yo-shop.de/Dateien/Supersale/Sale13.jpg [b]List of yo-yos:[/b] http://www.yo-shop.de/Dateien/Supersale/List.jpg [b]Not listed:[/b] - LOADS of Sunset Trajectories - if you want some, let me know. I will set them up for you to play great. - about 15 Hitmans, new in box - all special colors such as Transitionals, Marbles etc. -- if you are a yoyojam collector, go and send me a message =) [b]Final words:[/b] I want all of these to GO and look forward to hearing from you =)


Wow, that is a MASSIVE collection :o

(yoyo jake) #4

string for anything?


Sorry man,
I buy Strings in 50,000 bundles in Mexico :wink:

(Mr. Nathan) #6

Ok There are two things I want to say:

  1. This B/S/T is one of the best set up post’s I’ve seen. Its very well set up and easy to figure out.
  2. There are some insane deals on this thread and I wish I had money to buy some of these.




Do these pricest include shipping?


I was interested in you’re maverick. Does the price include shipping?



Quite a few more yo-yos sold or traded - lots more to go :slight_smile:


Which ones have you traded/sold?


i am intrested in number 7 (the minimotu), but paying 20 dollars plus 15 will add up to thirty five dollars and i might a well pay 5 dollars more and get it in mint condition, so what im asking is how low are you willing to offer if you still have it. p.s. is there any vibe or wobble

(Edmeister) #13

I have noticed that you have sold alot of things yet no feedback?


do you still have 46 and 47?


Do you still have the pink X-ConVict? How much is shipping?


( read the thread )
“- I ship worldwide - 15$ worldwide, 10$ in europe. I ship trackable and expect you to do so as well.”

and the X-convict is gone.

(Weasel) #17

What method of payment do you accept? Paypal?

Also, is 53 and 40 available still?


id like to have ur aquarius

(system) #19